Braided knot pillow „Challah”

Braided k not pillow „challah” is a great solution for people who appreciate creative interior design projects. The pillow will not only work as a decorative element, but also as a great gadget for your children to play with.

Why did we call it challah? Its shape speaks for itself – looking at it, we immediately feel like taking out the butter and eating it…. 🙂 However, this one is meant to please not the palate, but the eyes!

How much yarn is needed for one pillow?

To make a pillow you need about 5.5 meters of velvet thick yarn with a diameter of 5 cm. In one skein there are 11 meters of yarn – so buying one skein you have enough material for two pillows measuring 50×20 cm each.

The amount of material used depends on the size of the initial loop formed.

How to prepare yarn for a pillow?

Before weaving, unroll the skein, measure two parts of about 5.5 meters each and cut the yarn into two equal parts.

How to weave a cushion knot?

Take one of the 5.5-meter pieces of yarn and arrange it into a large loop. Then weave the yarn according to the instructions below. The whole thing won’t take you more than 15 minutes 🙂

How to weave a challah knot pillow – watch the video

To make weaving even easier for you, we’ve made an instructional video – we hope that weaving with the video will be even more fun 🙂

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